Seed crystal use

2022-02-25 11:20:37 sifeng 3

Seed crystal using attention points (fracture) to prevent the seed crystal

S seed crystal must be in strict accordance with the requirements of each furnace removed for inspection, require no scars, no crack

S seed crystal using furnace number must be recorded clearly, unclear, replacement, and then restart records

S slag using waste seed crystal, hang slag change can be used after the seed crystal, and crystal pulling, there must be a thin neck, pulling thin neck diameter 3 to 5 mm; Lifting material thin neck requires 5 to 7 mm in diameter

S crystal pulling process, often should (frequency of not less than 1 times / 10 minutes) to observe the liquid level, such as crystal furnace condition, ensure the crucible edge no crystallization, prevent the seed crystal was crystalline twist off

S in the seed crystal loading, lifting seed crystal revolutions, several times to, small amplitude (2 r/min)

S seed crystal reduces, the rapid rise and drop crystal rose, may not be on and off, lest the seed crystal or thin neck was suddenly break or damage the acceleration of gravity or gravity

S cut as seed crystal in the thin neck of the finest point cut, pay attention to the appropriate hard, and are not allowed to break with forceps seed crystal; Otherwise, the seed crystal must be stopped, cross section and polishing processing

S per 100 furnace to replace the new seed crystal; Vacuum furnace with poor seed crystal to 2 furnace replaced ahead of time